Our team

Vasiliki Kartiakli

Co-founder | Certified Tour Guide | Research & Themed Tours Specialist

Born in Trikala, she found herself in Thessaloniki in 2001, studying History and Archaeology at AUTH. She continued with postgraduate studies in Byzantine Archaeology and Art, while completing her studies in Byzantine Greek Palaeography and Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art. Before founding dot2dot, she worked as an archaeologist at the Ministry of Culture, the Telloglio Arts Foundation, while she also collaborated with AUTH Research Committee in the context of research projects. A certified tour guide (AUTH) since 2013, she has been part of the founding core of dot2dot since November of the same year. Since then, she is the scientific responsible for the research, design and implementation of thematic and experiential, as well as educational tours. Finally, responding to the needs arising from the company’s ever-expanding activity, she has been recognized as an adult trainer (National Organization for Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance) and has specialized in writing and implementing European program proposals.

Christina Vraka

Co-founder | Educator | Μanaging Partner

Born in Athens, she studied Theology at AUTH, while she is a candidate for Ph.D(c) in Social Entrepreneurship and Social Development at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. She worked for three years at AUTH as an assistant to faculty members, while she has collaborated with the AUTH Research Committee for the execution of research programs. Her inherent and original sensitivity for special population groups led her to a relevant educational path. She is a special educator specializing in Learning Difficulties and Dyslexia, she knows the Greek Sign Language (proficiency from the Hellenic Federation of the Deaf) and the Braille writing and reading system (certification from the Center for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind), while she is also recognized by National Organization for Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance as an adult trainer. She is responsible for dot2dot’s organizational part from the beginning of its operation, with character and elements that in 2018 led to her inclusion in the list of the top 50 under 40 disruptors of Northern Greece (2018). Starting from the expansion – both thematically and geographically – of the company’s activity, she deals with research, writing, management and implementation of European research programs, participating in relevant meetings of European bodies and organizations in Greece and abroad.

Magda Chatzinaki

Board Member | Brand Marketer

She was born in Athens, with her complex academic profile reflecting her innate disposition for research and knowledge. She is a graduate from the Department of Economics of the University of Macedonia and holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Hellenic Open University and Wroclaw University of Economics – where her thesis was related to corporate social responsibility and cultural heritage. After almost a decade as a Marketing Associate in the Lamda Development S.A. group, she engaged in the field of digital communication as a freelance Copywriter and Digital Marketer. Since 2021 she is a member of dot2dot, Brand Marketer of the company and responsible for the management and implementation of European co-financed projects.

George Mantzouranedes

Board Member | Copywriter

He was born in Athens and has lived in Thessaloniki since 1988. Having studied English Literature, he found himself in the field of advertising and communication in 2003 – an area in which he continues to this day as a copywriter and brand narrator, working with design offices and communication agencies in Thessaloniki and Athens. He is also a partner of the Kathimerini Group’s Marketing Department, copy editor of Makedonia tis Kyriakis, and a radio producer. Initially partner of dot2dot, he designed and implements with V. Kartsiakli since June 2014 the Mystery Walks I & II on the subject of the secret and metaphysical history of Thessaloniki.

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