Thessaloniki: a gastro… magical city!

Since its foundation, Thessaloniki has been a crossroad of culture, different customs and flavors. Flavors originated from Byzantium, the Ottoman period, the Sephardim and other populations that over the centuries chose the nymph of Thermaikos as their homeland, survive until today on the same table! We discover all these flavors through a special tour at the historic center of the city. We learn the secrets behind the most famous and characteristic flavors of Thessaloniki, we dive into the real meaning of the various food traditions, the habits of each different community in the multicultural city and the diversity they brought with their recipes from places faraway.

The gastronomic map of the city unfolds its history, creating such a unique identity and turning Thessaloniki into a multicultural and gastro… magical city! Are you ready to explore the city through its unique flavors?

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